Villa Angela

Villa Angela offers high quality lodging, it is a cosy place with friendly atmosphere and the famous Polish hospitality. Excellent communications and convenient location of our Villa ? 2500 m from the Old City and the city centre make the way to the places which will broaden your knowledge and leave you with positive memories easy and pleasant. 
We are pleased to invite you to our guest rooms in Villa Angela. It is a family business which was established in 1993. We spare no effort to gain reputation of a reliable and credible partner by improving the quality of the services we provide.Every room was individually designed and all of them are functional. In particular, we wish recommend our de luxe rooms which are very popular among our guests. They are bigger than our standard rooms, they have a mini bar with snacks. Our snacks include coffee, tea and cake. We also wish to draw your attention to room no 206 which has a longue. Also rooms nos. 310 and 311 stand out from our offer ? offering a magnificent view of the Old City. We also have something for those most demanding ? a suite which consists of 2 rooms, one with a comfortable four-poster bed and a lovely bathroom. The place is perfect for a comfortable holiday, for a small business meeting or a mini-conference.

Beethovena 12 
80-171 Gdansk

+48 58 302 23 15



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