Search ticket prices as one person

Is there any upcoming family tour abroad or friends’ vacation to the seashore? Is it necessary to purchase ticketsfor the trip right now for all of your crew? Do not know how to save money? Do not worry, my friend. My next tip is all about this! Moreover,definitely,it will help you to save some money from common estimated ticket price.

There is one trick, which I always use when I travel with someone. Do not buy many tickets at the same purchase. Why? Because so many air carriers will present you the highest price for the tickets. Simple business, which really works if you do not know one secret!

Just imagine you need to purchase 3 seats and all of you want to sit together. So the price for seat A can be 100 dollars and the rest two seats will cost 300 dollars for each. Then the system (it’s quite smart) will show the average price in 300 dollars (it is more profitable for air carriers). In this case, you will pay extra 200 dollars just because you have notknown about this trick.

However, if you buy every ticket separately for each person in different purchases then the price will be actual without extra charges. I am sure most of you have not known about this tip. However, this is a special hidden secret that I always use myself.Actually, try to check my method yourself right now and you will be sure yourself that I am right. This tip works and helps to save money.

Therefore, my friend, remember this extremely simple but obvious trick to purchase ticket as a single person, and if only you travel as a group purchase all of them separately. Then you will save up to a hundred dollars and get the most profitable deal. Just be careful and explore all the possible ways and methods to save some more money.

However, if you like to sit together with your friends or family members then you always can ask to pick your seats in the checkout and stay next to each other.

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