Podzamcze Hotel

Hotel Podzamcze is located in the center of Szczecin, in its most beautiful part. It is rebuild Old Town of Szczecin. Situated nearby the Pomeranian Princes castle, the National Museum and Chrobry`s Banks from with a beautiful panorama of city is spreading out. The quests are welcome to visit the restaurant Podzamcze, the Capri pub. The hotel offers 32 places to sleep in luxuriously equipped single bedrooms and apartment. There are bathrooms in all the rooms. All the quests are provided with a cable TV, telephone and radio. There is also a parking space in front of the hotel. The hotel restaurant specializes in traditional, old Polish cuisine, organizes parties banquets for various occasions and catering service. The Podzamcze hotel is situated nearby the railway station (500m), a coach and sea port.

Sienna 1 
70-542 Szczecin

+48 (91) 812 14 04



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