Old myths about travel

If you wanna find a lower price for your flight then you have to remember an obvious secret: there are no any secrets or magic spells to searching for. Freshmen always pay attention to the myths that can be found online. However, I know that you will just waste your time for searching these tips and won’t find them because they are nonsense. They will just mislead you, because some of the airline cooperate with terrible correspondents who use outdated myths or uncertain information. Here is the list of top tips that are definitely lies:

  • There is no special day of the week when the airfare is cheaper (someone suppose that ticket pricing is lower on Tuesdays)
  • If you search for tickets incognito, it doesn’t mean at all that you will be offered the cheapest price. It’s a great myth and still people believe in it.
  • Booking of the flight does not have a specified period of time or date, when it’s lower.
  • No one is able to predict which website offers a cheaper one (it doesn’t mean that your favorite website will always offer you the cheapest price), try to check all the websites because all of them use an educated common guess and then estimate the price..

Nowadays airlines use special algorithms of pricing to estimate and run
the tickets’ price based on such factors as season of the year, weather and
current climate of destination point, demand for this direction, holidays,
festivals and local vacations, tickets’ prices of competitors and many others.
The price system has become too educated and developedso these outdated tips aren’t
useful anymore. All of them are from previous century, solet these tricks
disappear and just forget about using them.

Moreover, do not pay attention to anyone who believes otherwise. Most probably not anyone who believes in old tips knows anything about that things he is talking. 

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