Not all search engines are equal

If you wanna save money you need to do a hard work before your journey starts. For instance, check dozens of different web pages that offer tickets all around the world, after that choose the one with the lowest price.Most frequently various web pages do not present the low-price air carriers and there is a necessity to look for their direct web pages or the low-cost airlines do not want to pay commissions fees, that’s why there is no their advertisement. While the other web pages don’t list budget air carriers because these web pages aren’t in English language..

Take a quick
note that you will not be able to find AirAsia or other low-price air carrier
on a great search engine websites such as Kayak or Expedia. US national
websites also have tendency not to demonstrate uncertain airline carriers,
which can be found on some international booking websites such as well-known Skyscanner
or famous Aviasales.

Thus, it is
obvious not all the booking web pages have totally same gathered information or
common principle of work. All of them have their own advantages and
disadvantages. And your task, as a consumer and user is to check, and later analyze
it, choosing the most proper airfare for your demand, according to personal
interest and comfort.

Here my TOP-3
favorite websitescan be seen: Momondo, Google Flights and SkyScanner. Most of
the time I use them to check any flight that I need.

travelling experience has been started with Momondo, because you are totally able
to find everything there: budget price, English or foreign websites (not in
English one). Literally, I have been a fan of this website from 2008. Moreover,
really I have noticed that 99% out of 100 % this website will show the lowest
price.Mostly,the experienced experts of travelling use these web pagesas well.

So take a
note and use Momondo as your first starting point for buying low-price tickets but
do not ignore the other websites.

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