Look for tickets in other currencies

Do you know how policy of prices works for airfare? There is one obvious trick, which can actually surprise you a lot. For instance, imagine that currency of your own country is quite stable and strong (that is really good), comparing to the currency of neighboring country. It’s very intricate trick but purchasing tickets in weaker currency is more profitable for you. Let me give you some personal examples, which I have learned in my experience and some of them have cost me a lot.

One time I have to travel from Australia back home to New York City. I have checked all the websites, travel agencies and air carriers, having followed my personal tips to save some money, but the price for the flight have been quite same, approximately around 1000 dollars per person. That is a lot, isn’t it? Then by chance I have checked the same flight but in another currency. It has been New Zealand dollar and the price has been 400 dollars lower than in USD. I have been shocked about such a low price for international flight. However, later I have found out this cunning trick.

From that time and now on, I take it as a rule to check all my flights in weaker currency because it really can help to save some more money and sometimes this amount is quite enough.

However, you need to remember one thing that this method will work just in case if your currency is stable enough at this precise moment. If your currency is weak or there is more stable one, then the price will be same or even higher. This tip is a brilliant example, which shows how economic situation can influence on airfare and navigate the demand of passengers.

Now if you follow all my personal tips and secret correctly you can save a lot for buying tickets. Knowing all these secrets will allow you to travel almost free or with ridiculously low price, wherever you like.

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