The pension of John Paul the Second is situated on the hill of premises from early middle ages. Extraordinary architecture harmonizes well with the thousands year’s old monuments of Ostrow Tumski and the terrific green of the Botanic Garden. 
The building was designed in according to the project of two architects: Marek Dziewoński and Anna Bartoszewska. 
Everything what we is connected with a process of buildings was very symbolic. Investment began in the year 2000, the year of Christianity and a 1000 anniversary of the bishopric of Wrocław. It was also a year in witch we celebrated 80th anniversary of born successor of Saint Peter and moreover the 50th anniversary of holy orders of metropolitan of Wrocław. For attention, the some time, St. Andrzej Bobola was called the patron of Poland. On 16th of May, in the year 2000 Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz solemnly embedded the cornerstone under the buildings of John Paul Second. 
A sacrifice of the pension of John Paul the second by the Cardinal Angelo Sodano, a secretary of the State from Vatican took palace on October the 8th in the year of 2002.
The Pension serves everyone who would like to stay for a while in this magnificent corner of Wrocław. There are the places, in witch we love to back over and over again. I hope, that the pension of John Paul the second will be one of those places.

Św. Idziego 2 
50-328 Wroclaw

+48 71 3271400



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