Hanza Hotel

The modern architecture of the Hanza has been skilfully blended into the surrounding Old City houses. The hotel’s stylish elevation hides the 7 suites, 17 single rooms and 36 double rooms providing accommodation for 120 persons. The standard of our rooms satisfies even the most demanding of Guests, while a restaurant, bar and fitness club, as well as conference rooms with high quality innovative equipment, are also placed at their disposal. 
Construction of the hotel was initiated in December 1995 and the hotel was opened during the Gdańsk’s millennium celebrations on 2nd May 1997. 
After archaeological research had been conducted, it turned out that there was a fortified wall within the construction area. Therefore the architects, Szczepan Baum and Andrzej Kwieciński, proposed an original solution for the elevation of the hotel, making reference to the historical buildings of the Old City in Gdańsk. The solution was achieved and appreciated: in 1998 our hotel was granted an award by the Minister of Construction. We are pleased to have gained this official recognition, yet the appreciation of our regular Guests of the beauty and comfort of our hotel is for us most valuable of all.

Tokarska 6 
80-888 Gdansk

+48 58 305-34-27



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