Don’tuse direct flights

Do you remember previous tips such as being flexible with timetable or destination point? If you do, then I have one more useful tip to stay in budget, wasting less money. Do not fly with direct flight to your destination points, let your route to be changed a little if it is possible. It can be cheaper first to have flight to English Capital and book a budget airline from London to Amsterdam instead of directly flight to Amsterdam. Actually, so many various low-cost airlines can bring you to the first stop of your trip and after thatdeliver to final destination. The airfare for this route will be quite lower then direct flight from one point to another. Even looking at my own experience of travelling I have had such situation when the direct ticket to Paris has cost around 900 dollars but I have travelled first to Dublin for 600 dollars and gotten ticket for 60 dollars from Dublin to Paris. Can you imagine 60 dollars for a ticket? It has been a miracle but I have used this and I saved up to 240 dollars. This is enough to be proud of the saving.

To check the indirect flights you can open Google maps or
check all flights to the final destination point. If you understand that,it is
possible to save more than 150 dollars then try to get a flight to nearest
airport and then get another flight to needed place. Maybe you will spend more
time travelling but you will definitely pay less.

Here is a cool website such as Airwander, which shows
stopovers and compares tickets’ prices.

However, if you have transit flights then be sure of having
enough time between them to reduce the risk of missing the next flight. The
common time between flights must be around 3 hours or more. Sometimes there can
be postponing of the flights and then you can miss the next one.

This way of saving money is about potions and hard work,
because you need to analyze the routes, offered deals, and then choose the most
suitable one. By the way, all savings from airfare cost you can waste at the
place where you arrive instead of overpaying for the direct ticket.

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