Copernicus Hotel

At the very foot of the Royal Castle begins the soft curve of the calm and picturesque Kanonicza street the oldest street in Krakow. Among the enchanting Renaissance buildings one distinguishes itself its Gothic history is as ancient as the history of the cathedral chapel the intellectual and financial elite of that time. Apparently, Nicolaus Copernicus himself was one of the guests. The building is counted among the most interesting monuments of medieval residential architecture in the city.
Now its ancient interiors house the Copernicus Hotel. The Hotel has 29 room and suites of the highest standard (air conditioning, jacuzzi, satellite TV, mini-bar) with unique interior decoration. At every corner our Guests will discover vestiges of ancient times medieval portals, precious paintings, inscriptions. In the course of the recently completed conservation works, the specialists revealed unique polychromes on the walls, dating from about 1500, and wooden ceilings covered with painted decoration, dating from the 14th century. The preserved fragments include figures of saints, preserved in perfect condition, large excerpts of inscriptions and floral ornaments. From the very beginning it was clear that the revealed monuments represent high artistic and scientific values. Today, in their original shape, they constitute the interior decoration of the most prestigious suites. 
Today, the comfort and modernity are apace with the tradition. The testimony of the past epochs coexists with the daring modern solutions. Here, far away from the bustle of the city, our guests can rest in the chimney room among books and ancient prints, and taste more than 200 different wines in the retreat of the medieval wine cellar. 
Our guests are invited to enjoy fine meals in our Renaissance restaurant serving dishes according to the traditional recipes used at the court. 
The inside yard covered with a glass roof, houses a Piano Bar, a library and a smoking room. The fitness center with sauna is situated in the historic cellars. 
From the summer drink bar terrace our guest can enjoy an extraordinary panorama of the City of Krakow with the majestic Wawel Castle, cupolas and towers of the churches, roofs and stones of the Old Town. During a cloudless night, one can almost touch the starry sky just as Copernicus who had observed it so often. 
The magic atmosphere of the most beautiful street in Krakow, where our hotel awaits you, shall make your stay in out city a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Kanonicza 16 
31-002 Kracow

+48 12 424 34 00




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