Book early, but not too early

There is no secret revealing that the selling rate for tickets come up to due date, for the simple reasons that mostly all passengers try to book or get tickets in advance. Average period, according to statistics, all passengers try to purchase tickets is 4-5 months. For instance if you are planning purchase the flight ticket to Paris now, it will value approximately 700 dollars but if you will purchase it 2 days before take-off, the price can come up to 1500 dollars. That is WOW. However, still not everyone pay attention to the one intricate feature. Air carriers put the higher rate or decrease the normal cost of the tickets according to the demand of passengers, trying to maximize their profit. For instance, the current request of passengers is high, prices will reach high positions as well, but if there is no demand or it is extremely low, the cost will not be high at all.

It does not mean
that you have to wait and postpone until the last minute to purchase a ticket,
hoping for a miracle of low price, but I also advise you not to buy ticket that
much in advance. Because of due to the passengers’ needs, the estimated price
at the beginning of the month and at the end can be different and sometimes it
is even more profitable to buy at the end. All you need is just to monitor the shown
dynamics of the price and choose the best period (according to my advice) to

The best period to
buy your tickets is 6-8 weeks until your journey starts or if you are planning
to travel during high demand season, and then try to purchase approximately 3
months until your departure date. Then you have a chance to get a profitable
deal and quite normal price.

These periods are
chosen not by chance, because according to analysis and statistics by this
time, the prices become stable and there are no sharp falls or jumps.
Nevertheless, sometimes it still can happen.

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